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Collaborating with writers, directors and producers, I have worked on the development and pitch of feature films. 


Some of the projects below have found financing and are progressing to pre-production. Other projects did not get green-lit for varying reasons. Nonetheless, the projects below are all powerful stories, with fully developed ideas. Hopefully, one day they will all make it to principal photography...  

berlin - via insta.jpeg

Berlin Nobody

Director - Jordan Scott

Feature Development - Black Chameleon

Ibiza 1.jpg

Ibiza Classic

Film by - Matt Greenhalgh

Feature Development - Black Chameleon

Twisting My Melon

Film by - Matt Greenhalgh

Feature Development - Black Chameleon


Lampião  -  The Bandit King (Trailer)

Mandacaru Pictures - Robert Dowling

Feature Research & Development - Black Chameleon



Director - Ringan Ledwidge

Feature Development - Black Chameleon

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